How to Build a Free Website Fast and Easy

How to Build a Free Website Fast and Easy

How to Build a Free Website Fast and Easy

How to build a free website fast and easy!

Do you want to or have you every wanted to build your own website and found it to be too complicated or expensive?
or used a free website builder and found out it didn’t have enough options for you.

There are many reasons to build your own website, maybe you want to start your own online business or just want more exposure for yourself or a band you are in or a charity perhaps.

No matter what you reason is for building your website, there are many free website builders out there most of them are free for a basic plan and are drag a drop website builder like Weebly for example.

how to build a free website fast and easy

The problem’s I find with the free website builders out there are

  • There is not a lot of customization.
  • You can’t post a lot of videos without paying to upgrade.
  • You can not sell items without paying to upgrade.
  • The sites are harder for people to find on google (no SEO tools)
  • You are limited to what you can do with the site.

how to build a free website fast and easy seems like it can be a challenge but there is always a solution for any problem.

The solution I found to fix these problems is having a WordPress website.

WordPress websites have endless customization with the use of plugins. you can get plugins for adding videos, SEO plugins to help you rank on google and other search engines so people can find your website.

It also has plugins for eCommerce (selling stuff on your site) and social sharing plugin for people to share your website on all the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google plus and more.

1 problem you might find with a WordPress site is they you need web hosting, web hosting is not free you have to pay a monthly subscription. however, if you look hard enough in the right places you can find free web hosting but it is often difficult to set up and install a WordPress website if you don’t know what you are doing and the web host can be unreliable.

I have found the perfect solution for anyone wanting to build a WordPress website for free with free hosting for life and best of all everything is set up for you withing just a few minutes.
how to build a free website fast and easyWATCH THIS VIDEO and see how easy it is to have your own website in just 30 Seconds

Enter your website name below and see how fast your website will be up and running.

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Now you know that you can have your own website up and running in just 30 seconds, what are you waiting for ? the only thing holding you back is you.

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Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed the post and have fun creating your own website.

Thomas Ydell.